Yasser Masood, Class of 2010, Information Systems

Yasser Masood has a BSc in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and is currently working at Qatar Airways as a Senior Social Media Officer.


Doing our version of the TV show Survivor before the Carneige Mellon building was built. Chickens, frogs, and fish added the tribal touch with the traditional fire torches lighting the way. It's something that early trailblazers like me would be proud to mention but much of the Carnegie Mellon community would not be aware of how we forged this community. Fast forward to 2007, I had the chance to participate in the 1st international campus session of LeaderShape - with 3 other Education City branch campuses. The privilege of spending my time at 3 different campus buildings (Cornell, LAS, and finally our own campus) has been a boon that made us nomads of the growing Education City complex. Can't forget my time on the orientation team as HOC (2008 - I helped to welcome the Class of 2012), OL (2009), and OC (2006 and 2007); I still have the tshirts to this day.


The time I spent at CMUQ taught me how to adapt and it built the foundation for what I'm able to do today. I'm looking forward to disrupting many of the outdated and old practices that are hindering progress and efficient work in today's workplace, social and tech aspects.

Yasser Masood, Class of 2010, Information Systems