Congratulations on being accepted to Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar — your academic home for the next four years. This website is designed specially to provide you with the information you need as you make your preparations to attend this fall.

As a CMU-Q student, you are part of a very select group. This year, over 715 prospective students from 60 countries across the world applied for admission to Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. After a thorough review of your academic background and extracurricular activities—you were one of the few students chosen as a member of the Class of 2022. Welcome to the Carnegie Mellon family!

A reception for admitted students and their parents.

A reception for admitted students and their parents will be held at Carnegie Mellon in Education City on Thurs., April 19, 2018

Marhaba Tartans is a fantastic opportunity to meet your future professors, and also hear from current Carnegie Mellon students who will become your classmates!

What's Next?

Now that you've been admitted, please read the information on this page to begin your enrollment process. If you have questions, concerns, or special circumstances please contact the Office of Admission at tel. 4454 8500 or email ug-admission@qatar.cmu.edu.


DEADLINE: May 10th, 2018

Claim your place in the Fall 2018 class today! To accept our offer of admission, all admitted candidates (including financial aid recipients and Qatari nationals on scholarship) are required to pay a $1000 USD enrollment deposit by May 10th, 2018. Enrollment deposits can be paid by credit card. If you are unable to pay by credit card, please contact the Admission Office for alternative payment options. The deposit will be credited to your first-semester bill and it is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Admitted students can submit the Enrollment Reply Form through their Application Status page.

Making a world-class education possible

Five types of financial aid are available, depending on the student’s nationality, financial need and academic merit.

Five types of financial assistance

  • Need-based Aid for Non-Qatari Students

    Need-based financial assistance is available to students of all nationalities through the Hamad bin Khalifa Financial Aid Program administered by Qatar Foundation. Loans of up to 100% of tuition and fees can be made to families based on their unique financial circumstances. Please note: The QF Financial Aid Committee does not guarantee to meet 100 percent need even if a student qualifies for aid. Students residing outside of Qatar are only eligible to receive loans up to 90% of the cost of attendance at Carnegie Mellon Qatar, according to the policy of Qatar Foundation. The loans can be repaid either by normal financial installments or by time served working in Qatar immediately following graduation. The second option, known as the “Paid Service Option” is unique to Qatar and it enables even students with heavy debt loads to have their loans forgiven if they work in Qatar for an approved Qatari entity. For more information, check out HBKU’s Financial Aid FAQ sheet. For the Arabic version, click here. This program requires a separate application, which is done entirely online. The application will open on April 1 for new students. The application and further information can be found on HBKU's website.

  • Need-based Financial Aid for U.S. Citizens

    Please note that U.S. citizens, and some non-citizens (ex. green card holders) are eligible for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) to support your studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. There are different types of funding within FAFSA, including grants (no repayment) and loans. We would advise all U.S. citizens to apply for FAFSA by following these instructions and filling out this Verification Worksheet.

    If you are not a U.S. citizen, but think you might be eligible, please check the information on this site to see if you could be eligible: http://studentaid.ed.gov/eligibility

    If you are applying for financial aid from Qatar Foundation, please understand that you can receive FAFSA funding in addition to QF funding. The university does provide QF with information regarding students’ FAFSA awards to avoid students receiving more than 100% funding.

  • Qatar Foundation Scholarship Program

    Qatar Foundation's scholarship program awards a limited number of full-tuition merit scholarships annually to students who have spent at least two semesters in one of the Education City’s branch campuses. Students who have achieved a 3.6 GPA or above during their studies in Education City are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

    Selection is not guaranteed as the number of available scholarships changes each year and depends on the amount of donations awarded to the Qatar Foundation scholarship program by individuals, private, and public institutions each year. The application cycle is open from May 1 - June 15 for currently enrolled Carnegie Mellon students. For additional information, please contact the Qatar Foundation Scholarship Office at sch@qf.org.qa.

  • Academic Merit Scholarships

    Between five and ten merit scholarships are awarded annually by CMU-Q to the most academically promising applicants. These awards cover between 10 and 75 percent of tuition fees and can be combined with need-based aid from Qatar Foundation. No extra application is required to apply for the merit scholarships, and students are notified of their awards at the same time they receive the offer of admission. Awards are made based on secondary school performance and testing scores.

  • Qatari and GCC Citizens

    For Qatari citizens and citizens of other GCC countries, government scholarships and/or company sponsorships typically cover the full cost of attendance. Qatari nationals should contact the Scholarship Office of the Higher Education Institute (HEI) at +974 4465 1173 or visit their website for further information.

Students can contact the Qatar Foundation Financial Aid Office directly by calling +974 4454 0400 or by emailing fao@qf.org.qa. We strongly recommend that students complete the financial aid application as soon as possible in order to maximize the chance of receiving an award notification in a timely manner. The sooner a complete application is submitted, the sooner a decision can be expected. Please note: The application cycle is open from April 1 - May 31.

For full details about financial aid and other topics please visit our website

Carnegie Mellon by the Numbers

Frequently asked questions

When is the deadline to apply for financial aid from Qatar Foundation?

May 31st. For students who request an extension for the enrollment deposit while they wait for their financial aid decision, please check your email for Carnegie Mellon’s required deadline for extension requests. Screenshots of your submitted QF financial aid application can be submitted in your Enrollment Reply Form.

What are the residence halls like?

The new residence halls have different housing options. a) Residence Hall Room, b) Two bedroom apartment, c) Studio apartment, d) One bedroom apartment. Visit the Housing and Residence Life website to learn more about these facilities.

When is orientation?

CMU Qatar's orientation will take place August 28 - 30.

What is the tuition and total cost of attendance at CMU Qatar?

Please see our Tuition and Cost of Attendance page.

Contact the Office of Admission by tel.: +974 4454 8500 or by email: ug-admission@qatar.cmu.edu

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