The lecture schedule, and associated slides, can be found below. Code written in class can be found in the demo code repository.

Week Date Topic Comments
1 31-Jul Course Intro
2-Aug Hardware Intro
4-Aug Lab 1: Simple Circuits
2 7-Aug Basic I/O
9-Aug Basic I/O (Continued)
11-Aug Lab 2: Using Integrated Circuits
3 14-Aug Assembly
16-Aug Assembly (Continued) HW1 Due
18-Aug Lab 3: 555 Timers, Part 1
4 21-Aug No class
23-Aug State Machines
25-Aug Lab 4: 555 Timers, Part 2
5 28-Aug Timers and Interfacing
30-Aug Interrupts HW2 Due
1-Sep Lab 5: CPU and Machine Code
6 4-Sep Input Capture
6-Sep General Purpose Timer Module Overview
8-Sep Lab 6: Interfacing an EEProm
7 11-Sep Review (Old, sample exam available) HW3 Due
13-Sep Midterm 1
15-Sep Lab 7: Adding the I/O Port
18-Sep Fall Break
20-Sep Fall Break
22-Sep Fall Break
8 25-Sep Analog to Digital
27-Sep Digital to Analog and Shift Registers/7-Segment Displays
29-Sep Lab 8: Adding an LCD HW4 Due
9 2-Oct Sensor Interfacing
4-Oct Serial Communications
6-Oct Lab 9: Adding RAM
10 9-Oct Control
11-Oct Control (Continued)
13-Oct Project Discussion HW5 Due
11 16-Oct Multitasking
18-Oct Review (Old, sample exam available) Project Proposal Due (10:00 pm)
20-Oct No class (go to Community Day)
12 23-Oct Midterm 2
25-Oct Soldering Workshop (in the lab)
27-Oct No class (work on your project!)
13 30-Oct Embedded Device Marketplace Overview
1-Nov Project Checkpoints in Lab Project Checkpoint Due (8:30 am)
3-Nov No class (work on your project!)
14 6-Nov No class (work on your project!)
8-Nov No class (work on your project!)
10-Nov No class (work on your project!)
Exam Week 13-Nov Project Demos in Lab Project Due (8:30 am)