The below table demonstrates a tentative schedule of the coursework. In case of any change, the information in the table will be updated before the time of the change. Please keep checking this table for up-to-date information.

Release Date Due Date HW Assignment Project Material
August 04 August 09 HW01 [Handout]
August 11 August 16 HW02 [Handout], [Starter Code]
August 18 August 23 HW03 [Handout], [Starter Code]
August 25 August 30 HW04 [Handout], [Starter Code]
September 01 September 06 HW05 [Handout], [Starter Code]
September 08 September 13 HW06 [Handout], [Starter Code]
September 15 September 25 HW07 [Handout], [Starter Code]
October 06 October 11 HW08 [Handout], [Starter Code]
October 13 October 18 HW09 [Handout], [Starter Code]
October 27 November 01 HW10 [Handout], [Starter Code]
November 03 November 08 HW11 [Handout], [Starter Code]
October 23 November 10 Project [Handout]