Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, according to, is the idea of having all information connected and in synch at all times; for example, being able to access your personal files on the computer. It will be very convenient having access to all your files from anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection. There is a lot of potential for it to change how the world already works; it has already been incorporated in some ways, such as in Google calendar and Google documents, where a word document can be accessed anywhere as well as shared with other people and worked on in real time.

In a BBC article ‘Cloud computing for business goes mainstream’, it is shown that some businesses have been hosting their databases on online servers, in order for them to be accessible anywhere in the world, which would be especially beneficial for staff who are not just located in a fixed place. Other businesses such as music companies like apple’s ‘iTunes’, have hosted their stores online which are reachable anywhere, which is a big reason for their popularity.

  1. Will it be safe to have personal and sensitive information on online servers?
  2. When will the transfer to everything being digitalized and online be complete?
  3. How affecting and limiting will internet speed be to the future of Cloud Computing?,2817,2372163,00.asp