Computer security

Computers are susceptible to many threats and risks when it connected to networks. Computer security is a field in which computers are protected. The internet in particular is a network that is widely used but is a high threat to a computers security, caused by hacking, online theft as well as many other things. The privacy of information on a computer is also highly valued, so would additionally need some form of protection. Simple techniques of computer security are the use of usernames and passwords, backing up computer content as well as accessing credible/safe websites instead of uncertain ones. Security can also be bought in the form of antiviruses, which detect unsafe websites and any viruses coming into a computer, while keeping the computer running cleanly.

  1. What are the best ways to keep computers secure at this time?
  2. With the increasing development of computer security, will hacking technology develop as well?
  3. Will internet always be an unsafe place for computers? [1]