Date Number Topic Slides Instructor
Jan 16 L01 Course Overview & Introduction to Cloud Computing slides Sakr
Jan 18 L02 Introduction to Cloud Computing and Cloud Software Stack slides Sakr
Jan 23 L03 Course Project and Amazon AWS slides Sakr & Hammoud
Jan 25 L04 Principles of Parallel Processing and Traditional Programming Models slides Hammoud
Jan 30 L05 Message Passing Interface slides Hammoud
Feb 1 L06 MapReduce slides Hammoud
Feb 6 L07 MapReduce Algorithms (Hands-on Lecture) Hammoud
Feb 8 L08 Write like a Computer Scientist slides Sakr
Feb 13 L09 Guest Lecture: Apache Mahout (Shannon Quinn) slides Quinn
Feb 15 L10 Pregel slides Hammoud
Feb 20 L11 Dryad and Graph Lab slides Hammoud
Feb 22 L12 Distributed File Systems I slides Hammoud
Feb 27 L13 Distributed File Systems II slides Hammoud
Feb 29 L14 Distributed File Systems III slides Hammoud
Mar 12 L15 Video Lecture - Big Table video Jeff Dean
Mar 14 L16 Apache Pig, Hive and Zookeeper slides Rehman
Mar 19 L17 Virtualization I slides Hammoud
Mar 26 L18 Virtualization II slides Hammoud
Apr 2 L19 Virtualization III slides Hammoud
L20 Virtualization Case Studies: Xen and VMware slides Hammoud