Randy Pausch's Time Mangament


  1. Set goals
  2. Deal with wasting time
  3. Deal with boss (advisor)
  4. Delegate to people
  5. Some specific tools
  6. Deal with stress and procrastination

Randy said, 'Time must be managed, like money'

The source of Randy's knowledge of time management

Life is to pursue fun

Doing right things adequately is better than do wrong things beautifully

The 80/20 Rule



dream it and achieve it

Disneyland was built in 366 days.


TO DO Lists

Break things down into small steps
Do the ugliest thing first


Due soon not Due soon
important 1 2
not important 3 4



Office Logistics

Make your office(room) comfortable for you, and optionally comfortable for others

Scheduling Yourself


Cutting Things Short

  1. “I’m in the middle of something now…
  2. Start with “I only have 5 minutes” – you can always extend this
  3. Stand up, stroll to the door, complement, thank, shake hands
  4. Clock-watching; on wall behind them

Using Time Journal Data(Google Calendar in our case)

Avoiding Procrastination

Make fake deadlines by ourselves.

Comfort Zones



Email tips

Other Important Advice


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